ClareVue Plug-In Switch Module

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An switch module plugs into a standard grounded receptacle, providing ON/OFF control for a wide variety of two-prong lamps and appliances, wirelessly from the ClareHome app. This ClareVue Plug-In Switch Module also acts as a relay bridge, allowing you to expand your existing Z-Wave Network.

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Did You Know

You can make any tabletop or floor fan smart with a plug-in appliance module – no tools required!

Smart Ideas

You can turn your Christmas Lights into Smart Lights!

Your child’s bedroom lamp can become the perfect nightlight.

Easily take control of your children's "screen time".

Your lights can help get your kids off to bed at night.

Your end-of-the-day routine can be done with a single tap.

Your lights can welcome you home.


Out of the Box: Appliance Module

Product Description

The ClareVue Switch Module works with a standard grounded receptacle, providing control of ON and OFF functionality for a wide variety of two-prong lamps, fans, coffee makers, or other appliances. Each module can be manually operated and remotely controlled through ClareHome, via the Clare Controls App user interface. The quiet relay switching mechanism ensures there is no annoying audible click when the device turns on or off.


  • Remote ON/OFF control from your smartphone or tablet device
  • Manual ON/OFF control from the module
  • LED indicated ON/OFF Status
  • Use with LED and fluorescent light bulbs that do not dim well
  • Control small, two-prong fans and appliances up to 600W
  • Easy to pair to your smart home control hub
  • Add switch controls to a custom scene, schedule, or notification
  • Expands existing Z-Wave Network

Technical Overview

Rating 120 VAC, 60Hz
Wattage Appliances up to 600W
Connections Plug the module into a wall receptacle; preferably one that is not controlled by a switch. Connect the lamp plug into the module. NOTE: Some plugs are polarized and may have to be rotated before connecting.
Operating Temperature 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)


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