ClareVue Accessory Neutral Switch

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When more than one switch point controls the same light, an accessory switch maintains synchronized control with a master switch. Pair with one smart switch to control lights or outlets with 3- or 4-way wiring that cannot be dimmed. This ClareVue Neutral Accessory Switch also acts as a relay bridge, allowing you to expand your existing Z-Wave Network.

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Did You Know

A smart dimmer simply replaces a standard light switch and provides dimmable control over virtually any light.

Smart Ideas

Turn all your lights on with a single tap to illuminate your home.

Your lights can help get your kids off to bed at night.

Schedules that fit your life

Custom schedules can help secure your home


Product Description

This ClareVue Accessory Neutral Switch works with a Master Neutral Switch in situations where more than one switch controls the same light (or group of lights). This is commonly referred to as a 3- or 4-way lighting design. Start with one master neutral switch and replace all the other control points with a accessory neutral switch to complete your 3-way installation.

Master switches and accessory switches use standard 120 VAC 60Hz house wiring and fit into standard lighting wall boxes. Standard electrical knowledge is required for installation. Switches will need to be paired to your smart home control hub before you can begin to control your lights from the ClareHome app.


  • Tracks and ON/OFF with a smart switch
  • LED status indicator for feedback
  • ON/OFF control for almost any lighting load or small appliance
  • Control over 3- or 4-way wiring applications
  • Manual control from the switch
  • Controllable from your smartphone or tablet
  • Easy to pair to your smart home control hub
  • Expands existing Z-Wave Network

Technical Overview

Rating 120 VAC, 60Hz
Connections Four 6" pre-stripped wire leads for line, load, ground and neutral
Operating Temperature 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)


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