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Use these Z-Wave Repeaters to amplify and strengthen your Z-Wave wireless network. These compact repeaters can be installed into standard electrical outlets in areas that are out of range or have a weak signal strength, such as near front door entrances with automatic door locks, garages or other hard to reach areas due to interference's such as thick walls. Combine a series of Z-Wave repeaters or even with other Z-Wave repeating devices to further extend your Z-Wave notwork like never before.

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Product Description

Z-Wave Repeaters are designed specifically for amplifying and optimizing the performance of a Z-Wave Network. The repeaters amplify and rebroadcast weaker Z-Wave communication signals, improving overall network reliability and accuracy by resolving weak signal strength issues caused by interference's and range. If your Z-Wave network has an appliance, door lock, or light system that is impacted by thick walls and range, use the Z-Wave repeater or a series of repeaters to greatly expand and strengthen your Z-Wave network and allow a stable connection between your devices.

Dimmers and accessory dimmers use standard 120 VAC 60 Hz house wiring and fit into standard lighting wall boxes. Standard electrical knowledge is required for installation. Dimmers and switches will need to be paired to your smart home control hub before you can begin to control your lights from the ClareHome App.


  • Easy installation by simply plugging the repeater into a power receptacle and adding it to an existing Z-Wave network
  • Captures and repeats Z-Wave Signals to the rest of your Z-Wave network
  • Amplifies the wireless signal for range and improves reliability and accuracy of your Z-Wave network
  • Small and compact in size to not block neighboring power outlets
  • Contemporary design, white in color
  • Recommended for use with non-encrypted Z-Wave enabled door locks

Compatible Z-Wave Devices:

  • Use with Yale, Kwikset and Schlage Z-Wave Automatic Locks and Z-Wave Garage Door Modules
  • Z-Wave Smart Water/Flood Sensors
  • Z-Wave Smart Plug-In Lamp Dimmers and Appliance Modules
  • Z-Wave enabled Smart Door/Window Sensors
  • Variety of Z-Wave Smart Electrical Outlets, Dimmers, Switches and Incandescent Dimmers
  • Large variety of other Z-Wave enabled smart devices

Technical Overview

Dimensions 1.73" x 1.73" x 0.91"in
Rating 120VAC, 60Hz
Wattage 0.8W / 80mA


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